We are Sercobe

We are Sercobe

We help international customers to purchase from qualified Spanish companies in the sector.

Whether you are planning a large capital project or a small equipment endeavor, Sercobe helps contracting entities, companies manufacturing capital goods, to select the right company from Spain. Our contracting focus offers a reliable, realistic vision of the sector in Spain, as a result of more than 50 years of non-stop activity in the sector.

How do we help international customers?

We ease access to Spanish industry

Sercobe eases access to Spanish solutions, products and services by acting as the main contractor, allowing international purchasers to select the right Spanish exporter for the platform, the technology or the level of experience they require.

We structure export project financing

Our experience in structuring and managing complex international contracts guarantees you a partner who can help you solve any contracting problem and protect you from possible unethical business practices, such as bribery and corruption.

We supervise performance

An uncompetitive contracting process or the risk of a failed tender can bring about unacceptable delays in high value projects or compromise national security. Sercobe accelerates the contracting process and guarantees that urgent acquisition needs are met and that the projects are delivered on time, as agreed.


Foundation year

Over 50 years defending the interests of the capital goods industry in our country and guiding its progress.



It is currently made up of 64 individual members, 7 collective members and 5 special groups. Around 400 companies are directly or indirectly bound to the association.


Thousands million euros

The sector presents a turnover of 71 thousands million euros, representing a 12.6% increase on the 2021 financial year.


Thousands million euros

The sector has made exports worth 47 thousands million euros, with an increase of 9.2% on 2021.