We are Sercobe

We are Sercobe

We help Spanish companies.

We work to achieve an appropriate legal framework for the problem issue, challenges and trends of the Spanish Capital Goods Industry. We help Spanish companies and exporters to sell to foreign governments. We provide greater access to the buyers from foreign governments to help grow their business. Our experience and knowledge will help them navigate the complexities of the foreign public contracting markets with more confidence, fewer risks and a greater competitive advantage.

What can we do for your company?

We defend your interests

We defend the interests of our industry

We assist and advise Spanish companies, defending their interests in matters concerning the domestic market and internationalization, we offer them non-standardized solutions, custom-built to suit their needs.

We give the sector visibility

We give visibility to the industry of capital goods manufacturers by setting up, maintaining and promoting cooperation and collaboration with other similar national and/or foreign entities.

Dialog and influence

Our hallmarks including relationship-building and the international framework. Over 60 years mentoring Spanish industry has given us unique knowledge and vision of the sector. The relationships, ties and networks we have built at Sercobe run deep and strong, allowing us to act effectively, guaranteeing the industry’s representation in the most relevant forums and building influence and opportunities.

We help with exports

We promote capital goods exports

We promote and boost our associates’ exports and internationalization, and enhance the image of Spain as a reliable provider of technological advanced industrial equipment and connected services. We are available to any entity, anywhere in the world, to provide information as required.

We help with export financing

We implement financial solutions for projects in which our companies participate, especially the loans for export with official support, and governmental cooperation programs.

Consultancy work

We promote access to funds

Furthermore, we act as a valid contact in sector relations with the Public Administrations, proposing solutions for any problems which might affect the Association or its members.

We produce price indexes

We produce price review indexes and formulas working from the information provided by companies, both suppliers and purchasers, and the national and international databases for national and foreign companies receiving our exports.

Encouraging development

We promote R+D+i

We promote and drive R+D+i management as a key factor to make companies more competitive. We facilitate and promote research, el development and innovation for products, los processes and services among our associates, and encourage activities tied to creating and protecting industrial and intellectual property rights.

We promote quality and security

We stimulate and promote security and quality of Capital Goods. Among other associations, we are members of the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) and AENOR, forming part of its governing bodies and some advisory commissions. 


Foundation year

Over 50 years defending the interests of the capital goods industry in our country and guiding its progress.



It is currently made up of 64 individual members, 7 collective members and 5 special groups. Around 400 companies are directly or indirectly bound to the association.


Million euros

A turnover 71 million euros, representing a 12.6% increase on the 2021 financial year.


Million euros

Imports totaling 65 million euros, with an increase of 15.7% on 2021.