We help Spanish capital goods manufacturers to increase their exports throughout the world.

The Sercobe Export Department promotes our companies’ exports of capital goods, locating solvent customers and business opportunities in emerging markets around the world and structuring appropriate financial solutions.

This is how we work

This is how we work.

We specialize in implementing financial solutions for projects in which our companies are involved, particularly export loans with official backing, and governmental cooperation and development aid programs, multilateral institutions and other financial resources.

As an entity collaborating with the Spanish Administration, SERCOBE has a proven track record working with Financial Authorities, and with the banking system, having cooperated with almost all foreign banks operating in our markets.

The SERCOBE Export Department can act on behalf of its associate companies, in terms of contract management. This service is particularly applicable to export contracts, financed by an export loan, with multiple suppliers and manufacturers.

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I support exports

I support exports

We ease access to Spanish industry by acting as the main contractor. Sercobe facilitates access to Spanish solutions, products and services, allowing international buyers to select the right Spanish exporter for the platform, the technology or the experience that they need. 

We also structure export project financing across the board. Thanks to our experience in managing complex international contracts, we guarantee you a partner that can help you solve any contracting issues and protect you from possibly unethical business practice, such as bribery or corruption.

An uncompetitive contracting process or the risk of a failed tender can cause unacceptable delays in high value projects or compromise national security. At Sercobe, we supervise each project by accelerating the contracting process and guaranteeing that urgent purchasing needs are met so that projects can be delivered within the agreed time.