We defend the capital goods industry’s interests by offering personalized solutions.

From the outset, Sercobe has focused on defending Spanish industry by providing consultancy work constantly revolving around the sector’s interests. To do this, we draw on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the Spanish Capital Goods Industry, its problem issues, its challenges and future trends.

Legislative monitoring

Legislative monitoring.

We have exhaustive knowledge of this legal framework. Our Sector Strategy department receives all updates on the sector, so it can inform and advise our associates on all new aspects of the sector such as changes to standards and legislative proposals at both national and European level.

Sercobe is part of Orgalim, the European Federation of the Capital Goods Industry. This all gives us a competitive advantage which can be seen in more effective dialog, resulting in optimum defense of our associates’ interests. Our presence in their management bodies allows us to transfer the Spanish companies’ points of view effectively to be included in the positioning of European industry from our sector before the European Commission.

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Market analysis and statistics

Market analysis and statistics.

We offer true and reliable information to our associates by carrying out market analysis and statistics which follow the strictest rules and offer the best guarantees. At Sercobe, we have a specialized team that produces indexes and formulas to review prices working from the information provided by all types of national and international companies, working as both suppliers and purchasers. 

In addition, from the association, we have access to all national and international databases for national and foreign companies that receive our exports, giving us a very reliable outlook on what is happening in the markets at each moment in time or each location.

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We promote R+D+i in our companies

We promote R+D+i in our companies.

Science and the world of research do not stop for a second or wait for anyone. Scientific findings are constantly being applied in our industry. The capital goods manufacturing sector is no exception in this respect, so we should be sure to pay close attention to what is happening around us to offer solid technological and scientific responses, keeping us competitive as an industry worldwide. At Sercobe, we believe in the transforming power of science and research, as a motor for innovation and economic development for Spanish industry, and so we promote it both nationally and internationally. From Sercobe, we help to implement quality management systems offering full R+D+i guidance to our associates thereby making Spanish industry more competitive.

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Standardization and compliance assessment

Standardization and compliance assessment

SERCOBE is a member of the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) and AENOR, sitting on its governing bodies and some advisory commissions. Our Association acts as the technical secretary for a significant number of Technical Standards Committees (TSC) within UNE:

  • TSC 9 “Pressurized equipment. Boilers”.

  • TSC 18 “Bearings, gearings and transmissions”.

  • TSC 77 “Environment”. Sub-committee 1: “Water”.

  • TSC 115 “Machinery for construction, civil engineering and building”.

  • TSC 132 “Painting facilities and equipment and surface treatment”.

  • TSC 149 “Water Engineering”. Sub-committee 4: “Water purification”.

  • TSC 203 “Electrical equipment and automatic systems for industry”.